TRPHARM works for a Healthier Future

An R&D Focused Start-up Pharmaceutical Company

We are the first R&D-focused “start-up” pharmaceutical company on this scale and we are proud to have accomplished many firsts in this area in as little as 4 years. I think that what we do is an encouraging model in R&D within the whole pharmaceutical sector. Goker recently said: “It is another of our priorities to develop and produce bio-similar products, without sacrificing quality, quickly and with strategic incentives, thus contributing to the national economy.

As for Behcet’s disease, we plan to work on such a project in Turkey.

In Oncology, we take place especially with bio-similarity. However, we also want to enter into a variety of diseases. Turkish scientists and the pharmaceutical industry have the required knowledge. As the public-private sector partnerships continue to increase, Turkey will be able to create value at a level that will leave South Korea behind. ”

TRPHARM Honorary Chairman Tuygan Goker: “At TRPHARM we design world-class health solutions for patients’ health, and we aim to be a future-leading healthcare company, rather than to be follower company, supporting and pursuing change through high-tech R&D and production.”

TRPHARM Honorary Chairman Tuygan Goker indicated in his statement that the most important targets were to successfully complete the production and clinical programs that they had started, and to present innovative products for doctors in the areas of oncology, immunology and rare diseases, and said:

“Our 2023 targets are to increase direct investments in national and international markets, and to strengthen competent laboratories, and to increase the number of products in high quality and to contribute to Turkey’s developing economy.” With the biotechnology production facility in Cerkezkoy in 2016, we are planning to establish one of the technology production facilities in Turkey, Eurasia, Middle East and African countries in order to meet the demand for pharmaceuticals, we are able to produce at a high capacity. “All the work we do is aimed at achieving a healthier future for the patients.”

The New Hope for the Treatment of “Familial Mediterranean Fever” is from Turkey

Goker, who stated that in their R&D strategies bio-similar drugs and RPH 104 named molecule were on the foreground, stated that: In Turkey, we want to develop bio-similar from one side and original drugs, starting from Phase 1, on the other side. We carried out the study of “First in Human” of first patented molecule, a biotechnological original named RPH104, in Turkey. Promising results were obtained from Phase 1 clinical trials of the molecule, RPH 104, produced by biotechnology and the candidate to be Turkey’s first original biological drug.

The familial Mediterranean fever (AAA) disease, a genetic disease, is seen in a proportion in Turkey. It is foreseen that one of every 5 people is the carrier. 10 percent of these patients cannot be treated. This promising drug for AAA therapy may extend the life span of these patients. The development of this drug is to be completed in Turkey and if the result is positive, the medicine to be used in AAA treatment will have a significant share in the world market.

We need to proceed further for research

Goker said: “Our country should now be a country that does not only pursue R&D studies abroad, but also to become one of the centers where research starts and development works, through the support of our universities and government.”

R&D do not know any restrictions, rules, and bureaucracy, and there is no R&D at the place where control begins, and liberation is necessary. The issue called as “R&D” is creativity and discovery, and “R” and “D” are not to be confused with each other. Development; it is a field that proceeds more systematically and in which the countries came from behind adapted themselves quickly and could obtain the outcomes. Research is a medium that requires more creativity and has no boundaries. Our country has progressed a bit further in terms of development. But we have to proceed a lot in terms of research.”