We Turn Today’s Science into Tomorrow’s Medicine

Tuygan Goker, the honorary chairman of TRPHARM which is one of the leading companies of the pharmaceutical industry, shared their mission and the innovative goals that they propound and sectoral evaluations. “We support change through high-tech R & D and production, and we focus on becoming a leading healthcare company rather than a follow-up company,” Goker said, “Our top priority is to successfully complete our production and clinical programs; and to provide the innovative products to the usage of doctors in the fields of oncology, immunology, and rare diseases. Our targets for 2023 are to increase the national and abroad direct investments, and to strengthen competent laboratories, and to increase the number of high quality products and to contribute to Turkey’s developing economy. We are planning to establish one of the leading biotechnology production facilities in Turkey through our biotechnology production facility in Cerkezkoy that was established in 2016. Our facility is designed in a way that can manufacture at high capacity in order to meet the drug demands of Turkey, Eurasia, Middle East and African countries.






There should be an FDA-style institution in Turkey

“We should speed up R&D in our country and establish a full-fledged FDA-style presidency that leads to entrepreneurial individuals and institutions investing in this subject,” Goker said emphasized the public-private sector dialogue will move forward and R&D will be developed.

R&D do not know any restrictions, rules, and bureaucracy, and there is no R&D at the place where control begins, and liberation is necessary. The issue called as “R&D” is creativity and discovery, and “R” and “D” are not to be confused with each other. Development; it is a field that proceeds more systematically and in which the countries came from behind adapted themselves quickly and could obtain the outcomes. Research is a medium that requires more creativity and has no boundaries. Our country has progressed a bit further in terms of development. But we have to proceed a lot in terms of research.”

I also do not consider the government directly funded in the field of R&D as correct. The private sector should take on the risk that everything required to be done is done well. Credit support can be provided at this point provided that the institutions that need financial support paid back.

He emphasized that this area should be free, through his words “the support needed to invest in the “ide” can be achieved with the establishment of the Health Fund by the Banks, and the investor should be attracted.

We Work on Many Diseases


Goker said that all of their studies are for patients to have a healthier future, said that they as the company, in their studies; “We have applications for bio-similar, we started the clinical program. On the other hand, we started our original molecular clinical programs. In Phase 1 we have a molecule that is a candidate for the familial Mediterranean fever. In our R & D Strategies, biologic drugs and the molecule named RPH104 come to the forefront.


It is a study of healthy volunteers in Phase 1. Phase 1 is completed, and Phase 1B is to be considered. In our R&D strategies, the bio-similar drugs and the molecule named RPH104 are on the forefront. In Turkey, we want to develop bio-similar from one side and original drugs, starting from Phase 1, on the other side. We carried out the study of “First in Human” of first patented molecule, a biotechnological original named RPH104, in Turkey.


He detailed that “We plan to conduct a study on such a project in Turkey regarding Behcet’s disease. Our project leader is a precious Turkish academician, we will improve it through his/her support. We are involved in oncology especially with regard to bio-similar. However, we also want to focus on more diverse diseases. Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, depression and several CNS diseases are among them.”

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