TRPharm and Sigma Tau Rare Disease Announce Agreement for Turkey

TRPharm and Sigma Tau Rare Disease Announce Agreement for Turkey
March 1st, 2016

TRPharm and Sigma Tau Rare Disease Ltd enter into a distribution agreement for priority orphan product in Turkey

TRPharm and Sigma Tau announced today a Distribution Agreement for an orphan product of Sigma Tau. As part of the agreement TRPharm will seek regulatory approval for the product as well as providing named patient supply for the currently untreated indication.


Mehmet Göker, General Manager of TRPharm, commented “For TRPharm, the needs of the patient are our first priority and we remain committed to being the first to channel the global innovation and developments to that goal. Our own pipeline has a novel product candidate for the treatment of another orphan disease and we aim to further bolster our portfolio with alliances. We hope that this agreement will be the first of many in which we adress these often overlooked needs to the benefit of public health.”


About TRPharm
TRPharm is a pharma start-up focused on innovation with investments into R&D and a cutting edge biotechnological manufacturing capability with the aim of becoming a regional commercial player based out of Turkey.
TRPharm focuses on the launch of new and innovative medicines starting from registration and accomplishment of clinical programs in all phases, as well as building a biotech manufacturing facility in Turkey for the supply of monoclonal antibodies to CIS and MENA region besides the local market. TRPharm has a wide product portfolio, led by oncology, virology, inflammatory and rare diseases.

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About Sigma Tau Rare Disease Ltd
Sigma Tau Rare Disease Ltd is a global pharmaceutical business committed to the development, registration and commercialisation of orphan therapeutics. Operations extend through North America and Europe with stratgeic partnerships now established in major emerging markets.

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