TRPHARM Honorary Chairman Tuygan Göker Participated To “Rational Approach To Current Trends In Medicine” Symposium

Rational Approach to Current Trends in Medicine Symposium organized by the Association of Improving Medicine Awareness and Rational Drug Use took place in Ankara On October 8-9.

Our company chariman Tuygan Göker, who took the floor on the panel of “Biosimilar and Blood Products Investment Incentives; Encountered Issues and Recommended Solutions”, indicated that in order for our country to obtain a position where it can compete with other countries in research-development and production fields, investment firms must be supported with the synergy created between the sector and corporations by adopting transparent and forseeable approaches.

He emphasized that following recommendations should be implemented as soon as possible;

1. Research-development must be accelerated and a fully authorized leadership (like FDA) that guides and provides services to investors and investing companies should be established.

2. Dialogue between industry and bureaucracy should be very open and there should be no obstacles, consultancy among stakeholders should take place in round table like meetings (Peer Meeting).

3. Deadlines must be followed and under no circumstances applications should not be delayed (unless there is a risk to human benefit or a risk of causing harm to state economy)

4. Rules of free market economy should be implemented as soon as possible by quickly categorizing the pharmaceutical industry (a-OTC, b-generic, c – Pharmaceutical companies that adopts Research-Development etc.). This is essential for SUGGESTION 1. It should not be considered as unregulation.

5. A minimum reimbursement limit should be specified except for cronic diseases.

6. It’s important that commisions work with open dialogue and fast. It is essential for research and development that it’s open to the synergy of the industry and innovative suggestions and even demonstrating encouraging leadership.

7. Above all, it must be obliged to select capable, result-oriented people in every level (governmental institutions, industry and healtcare establishments) who will carry out these matters and continuously updating their training.

8. Biotechnology requires a very complex know-how, it renews itself fast. In this respect, it will be very beneficial to the country if industry/investors are open to cooperation.