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23.03.2016 14:35:10

Phase I clinical studies are now started on the biomolecule named RPH- 104 which is developed by the cooperation of Ege University and TRPHARM for the treatment of Behcet and Familial Mediterranean Fever diseases.


İZMİR (AA) – Phase I clinical studies are now started on the biomolecule named RPO- 104, which is developed for the treatment of Behcet and Familial Mediterranean Fever diseases by the cooperation of the Ege University Drug Development and Pharmacokinetics Research -Application Center (ARGEFAR) and TRPHARM Company.

Rector of Ege University, Prof. Dr. Candeğer Yılmaz; the assistant manager of ARGEFAR, Prof. Dr. Sibel Göksel; Cardiology Specialist Assoc. Prof. Dr. Uğur Önsel Türk and Tuygan Göker, honorary chairman of  TRPHARM Company whose business in the healthcare field, held a press conference in respect of bio – molecule studies in the university’s old senate hall.

Rector Yılmaz informed that the foremost problems in the future are going to be over the health, water and environmental issues and that they are carrying out their research within this scope in the ARGEFAR Phase I Clinic.

Informing that numerous drug development studies were being carried out under the constitution of the Ege University, Candeğer Yılmaz expressed that a candidate molecule is developed in order to be used in the treatment of the Familial Mediterranean Fever and Behcet diseases which are prevalent in the region and that they are going to make the first Phase I research of this molecule in Turkey at the ARGEFAR labs.

Reporting that the academic study on the subject of drug development was carried out and the licensing process of the drug would continue, Prof. Dr. Yılmaz announced that in coordination with the investor company TRPHARM, the drug might be put on the market within a time period of 5 to 8 years.

– “Tailor made treatment will be applied.”

ARGEFAR Assistant Manager Prof.. Dr. Sibel Göksel then told that the drug development was a matter of a long process; explaining that the drugs were first tested on the animals and in the event that they proved safe and effective, the Phase I research would begin on humans.

Göksel, explaining that the biological agent developed within the scope of these researches aims a specific target and suppresses its effects, she said ” We will be implementing the first Phase I research study with this agent in the world. All medicines are experimented in terms of safety and effect on healthy individuals before they are put on the market. This is going to be the first research with this molecule.”

Cardiology Specialist Assoc. Prof.. Dr. Uğur Önsel, explaining that the average life expectancy has increased by 6 years within the last 20 years due to the innovative treatments, he said: ” The drug will be heading for the source mechanism of the disease. It is expected to be applied through the subcutaneous injection method. Tailor made treatment will be applied.”

Tuygan Göker, the head of TRPHARM Company, explained that Turkey would no longer be a country purely following the researches abroad and trying to join the multinational clinical programs, and that TRPHARM would give full support to the biotechnological drug production in Turkey.