Turkey Is Entering Into The International Market To Provide Pharmaceuticals and Biosimilars For Nearby Territories – AA

Turkey is entering into the international market to provide pharmaceuticals and biosimilars for nearby territories

Local  pharma  industry, aiming to reduce imported medicines percentage and develop new drugs, opens  into the international market to meet the demands for drugs medicines and biosimilar products for nearby territories.

The pharmaceuticals industry that collaborates with the leading pharmaceuticals companies of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates for distribution agreements, will establish its headquarters in Dubai which will serve as the central office to 10 countries. In this way, rheumatological medicines and biosimilar medicines in oncology field with high added value and whose manufacturing investments are completed in Turkey will be exported.

As a result of the collaboration between the local  industry and the international pharma industry, the medicines will be registered in Turkey and will be launched on  the global market.

Following the incentives provided for the local manufacturers by the Ministry of Health; the Turkish manufacturer TR-Pharm got to work on local drug development and export, taking actions towards collaborating with the international companies abroad.

“It will start its export activities as of 2017.”

Tuygan Göker, the head of TR-Pharm, in his statement given to AA reporter, explained that according to the international pharmaceuticals research center data; approximately 4 billion dollars pharmaceuticals were imported in 2015.

Göker said: “Dubai, is established as the central office to 10 countries.” He further explained:

” Primarily, rheumatology and and bio-similar medicines (high-technology drugs that are produced directly from the living organisms) in oncology field, which have high added value and will be manufactured in Turkey, will be exported to the countries in the region. Negotiations have been made on distribution agreements with the leading pharmaceuticals companies of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates. ” Turkey will start its export activities starting from 2017.”

“The localization strategy of our government will be fulfilled.”

Göker expressed that a collaboration was made with multinational companies on 5 different therapies ready to be licensed in rheumatology, oncology and rare diseases areas. He said: ” From now on, instead of importing these products, we will start to gradually manufacture them in Turkey and export those to the countries in the region.  This structuring will help us not only to produce high technology drugs for our country but also to make Turkey a significant player in the pharmaceuticals industry. The localization strategy of our government will be fulfilled and major economic contributions will be achieved.”

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