Turkish Signature On Molecular Manufacturing In Pharmaceuticals – NTV

February 6, 2016 Saturday

After the Ministry of Health declared support for the domestic investors on drug production and R&D, active ingredient will be produced on cellular level for the first time in Turkey under the constitution of TR-PHARM Pharmaceuticals.


Following the announcement of Ministry of Health concerning their support of the domestic investors on drug production and R&D, active ingredient will be produced on living cellular level for the first time in Turkey under the constitution of  the Istanbul and Dubai centred TR-PHARM Pharmaceuticals.

According to the information received, after the Ministry of Health and other related ministries provided various conveniences to domestic investors and producers to be able to perform works that aim to make Turkey become a regional leader in drug production, clinical studies and R&D specifically, Turkish investors took action. In this context, active ingredient will be produced directly at cellular level and first clinic studies will be made in Turkey all in once within the Istanbul and Dubai based TR-PHARM Medicine founded in 2013 and has started the work on molecular improvement.

In this domestic firm, a new candidate molecule will be produced to be used in the treatment of Behcet disease that took its name from the Turkish scientist. Early phase clinical studies of biotechnological products in fields such as Mediterranean Fever Anemia, rheumatology and oncology will be made in Turkey as well.

Tuygan Göker, the head of TRPHARM stated that, Turkey is in the pursuit of becoming a significant reference centre in healthcare fields in the near future and worldwide subsequently.

Emphasizing on the important steps that are taken and the encouragement of the domestic investor, Göker said, “This strategy of our government both gave hope and encouraged me. I believe that with even more improved encouragement to businessmen and speeding up the practices, factories with high added values will be established in Turkey as well. In this manner, we will gain ground in domestic drug production, R&D operations.”

Attracting the attention on domestic pharmaceutical industry importing the active ingredients that is essential for the medicine from overseas to a large extent, he said:

“Instead of following foreign R&D studies or trying to be a part of clinical programs that are to an extent multinational, our country, with the help of our government, will be aiming to become one of the centres that start the researches and perform the developments. In this context, we too will provide innovation focused services and produce biotechnological medicine at a cellular level and dedicate it to field of medicine. Accordingly, we started our operations in Istanbul central office and Dubai area office. In this stage, we are active on Turkey and Middle East, and the countries located at North Africa (MENA).”

Stating that they have started the Phase I studies with the collaboration of medical units and universities on a biomolecule that is provided by his own research team, to be used in treatment of Familial Mediterranean fever patients, Göker said, “With this first step for Turkey, the first domestic, biological and original drug development has started. Apart from this, we are aiming to start the Phase I clinical studies of another 2 candidate molecules in 2016.”